Publisher: unknown
Pages: 267

Living a quiet existence in South-West Scotland Wendell (the wanderer) Drethen quietly goes about his life of Writing & Painting in the beautiful solitude of his mill, Auchenglen Falls. The mill is set down an almost inaccessible track which helps Wendell keep visitors at bay. His contacts with the outside world come via his mobile phone, switched on once a month, and Angus who owns the village store in the nearby village of Auchenglen.Wendell receives a visit from Angus telling him his brother Charles has sent a text and needs to speak to Wendell urgently. Charles and Wendell have 2 more brothers, John and Miles. Miles has gone missing.Wendell drives back to his native Cornwall to meet up with Charles to try to unearth what has happened to Miles. They soon discover that their brother John is also missing and has been so for a considerable time. Miles may have known but he hasn’t told ...
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