Jonas Saul
Publisher: Imagine Press
Pages: 318

Twenty-Four short stories in a horror/thriller collection from Jonas SaulThe RuseA man receives a mysterious text message on his cell phone that turns out to be prophetic. A few days later he receives another, which again comes true. He acts on the prophecies, and what follows changes his life forever.He thinks he knows the truth but that's just part of the ruse.The ReaperJacob is a young boy who insists his name is Mark and that he used to live in a nearby village in the 1930s. His parents agree to drive him to the village to put his delusions to rest. When they arrive, they discover that not only is their son correct, but there is a bigger plan in place, and their family is at the very center of it.The Reaper is waiting.The VisitationJake is about to get married. He wants his mother to be part of the wedding, but she is dying of cancer. During the vows, he looks up to see his mother ...
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