Annette Blair
Publisher: ABA LLC
Pages: 352

UNFORGETTABLE ROGUE, The Rogues Club Two Beauty and the beast trade places. After being reported dead, handsome as sin Bryceson Wakefield, Duke of Hawksworth, returns home scarred and beaten by war, only to find his hoyden of a wife blossomed into a beauty and set to wed another. Can Beauty seduce her unforgettable Beast? Will the beast ever consider himself worthy? UNMISTAKABLE ROGUE, The Rogues Club Three Chastity Somers, who “rescues” her young relatives from the workhouse, learns that if a Barrington heir is not found in three months—and she remains above reproach—she can have Sunnyledge for her children’s home. Reed Gilbride believes he’s the Barrington heir and can find proof at Sunnyledge. Chastity wants the house. Reed wants the key to his past. They strike a bargain: They’ll work together to care for the children and search proof. That way, she can’t hide evi ...
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