Bruce Dolin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 443

A clinical psychologist with 19 years of experience working with kids from all walks of life—from deeply troubled children mired in LA’s child welfare system to the privileged scions of the Beverly Hills elite—Dr. Dolin delivers a practical, compassionate guide for parents that will help children thrive through their most difficult passages. For it is when our children are at their worst—depressed, anxious, defiant, angry or fearful—that we are called upon to do our best. More than just a guide to mindful parenting, "Privilege of Parenting" provides a veritable toolkit for parents dealing with problem behaviors ranging from everyday sadness and fears to severe clinical issues. In every case, Dr. Dolin frames each behavior, discusses causes and contributing factors, and then distills the essence of what helps. He illustrates his advice with extraordinary—and ...
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