Scott Howard
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 405

Imagine having the opportunity to remake your life. Edward Leaver has had enough. At times, he’s aimless, drifting along life’s currents. He knows what he wants, but purpose and direction, a sense of fulfillment, eternal significance for his life, and someone with whom to grow old are elusive. However, a hike in the Georgia foothills begins his journey of rebirth. God has His ways of getting Edward’s attention as a misstep plunges him into 14th century England.It is there that he learns that people are essentially similar regardless of time and location. They have hurts, hopes, and dreams. There are those that are imperfect in form, those that think they “have it all”, and those with little more than despair that populate his milieu. It is against this backdrop that he experiences his renewal. With his quick wit, tongue in cheek humor, and humorous gaffes, Edward ...
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