Scott Howard
Publisher: Scott Howard
Pages: 405

For A Thousand Generations: Book I of Edward LeaverA Novel of Time TravelHis name is Edward Leaver.  He's an ordinary man who had an extraordinary journey - a slip to another time and place. Dear friends whom he calls family and one who is unforgettable populate the world that he still identifies as home. The fact that he is seven centuries removed from the England and France of the fourteenth century has not dampened the faith that grew, flourished, and now governs his steps.  Was it a dream or was it real?  He is uncertain. And what of Caitlyn?  Is he foolish for loving someone who no longer walks this earth?  Does love ever fail?Yet, the words he has penned allow him to live vicariously, experiencing the thrill of each moment, reliving each day that love grew, and never forgetting how he was given an unwitting chance to remake his life and that of others.  The succeeding generat ...
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