Jomo K. Johnson
Publisher: Philly Open
Pages: 53

NEWS UPDATE:Jomo Johnson's Last Book & Album, "Conversations With Jesus Before & After Suicide" is Now Available.Visit JomoKJohnson-com to Learn More."Paul Meets Mohammed" is an extremely unique glimpse into a fictional conversation and meeting of two of the most influential men in religious history. Jomo K. Johnson shows his deep understanding of historical Islam while using the Koran and Hadiths to glean a picture of the persona and conviction of Islam's founder. Using text and passages from the New Testament and Koran along with historical information, the author sheds surprising light on the great similarities and chasms between the world's two largest religions. Written beautifully in an unbiased apologetical prose format, Johnson leaves it to the reader to discern what is truth and what is error. This is a must read for all Theology Students; Muslim and Christian.
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