Christopher Lascelles
Publisher: Crux Publishing Ltd
Pages: 264

AMAZON BEST-SELLER IN 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLER 2013 & 2015'A clearly written, remarkably comprehensive guide to the greatest story on Earth - man's journey from the earliest times to the modern day. Highly recommended.'-Dan Jones, author of The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England'A 'Now I understand where that fits in' moment on every page' - Alice BoylePRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThere is an increasing realisation that our knowledge of world history – and how it all fits together – is far from perfect. A Short History of the World aims to fill the big gaps in our historical knowledge with a book that is easy to read and assumes little prior knowledge of past events.The book does not aim to come up with groundbreaking new theories on why things occurred, but rather gives a broad overview of the generally accepted version of events so that non-historians ...
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