Marco Aurelio Galan Henriquez
Publisher: Marco Aurelio Galan Henriquez
Pages: 241

The mistake be welcomed, the academy is the right environment to confront and deal with a considerable number of failures, the difficulty transformed in a triumph, a project defined by a person is not infallible, the best method that humanity has been found to not to fail is to do nothing, sit back, sit behind the barrier with an air of dignity and not risk anything at all. The absurd reincarnation of a arrogant bonsai air with which professes an unsupported position, the general who commands a large army, holds three suns and does not expose a single scar. Without requiring the attention of the group the teacher begins its work, taking the materials and tools and start his labor, continuous tapes will retain the sections of the fingers and their contents, lines linking those cross sections. ...
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