Joe Bensam
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 91

International Bestseller With Rave Reviews:"Great...I've been a Michael Jackson fan since I was a kid, and this book showed me what an amazing person Michael really was. God bless you, Michael, wherever you are!""A very good book. Not just a fan story, but a realistic analysis of what Jackson's life was all about, and why it ended the way it did. Recommended!""Awesome...I love Michael Jackson, and I found this book a fascinating read. Some of the stories made me laugh out loud. I'm a fan, but I have to admit that he was a pretty weird guy."MadMan or Genius? Saint or Sinner?Discover What Really Made Michael Jackson Tick...How did a kid from a dirt-poor family in Indiana become the world's most successful entertainer? Was he innocent or guilty of the terrible allegations made against him? What turned a healthy, happy kid into a reclusive eccentric? And where did all that money go?These ...
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