Valerie J Aurora
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 47

This is a collection of 5 hot erotic stories in steamy and romantic outdoor situations. This is the ultimate collection for anyone who's ever had voyeurism fantasies. These stories usually sell individually for $2.99 but you get all 5 here for only $3.99 making this a great deal. Erotika stories like this are designed for men and women. This Erotika short story is also perfect for those couples looking to re-spark the romance. Summary of the Stories:A Naughty Stroll in the Park----------------------------------------Joann and Philip had been married for ten years and their love lives were in the toilet. They still had feelings for one another but after having kids, they lost their way. They had talked about a divorce but didn’t want the kids to be in the middle of it. One day however, they take a walk in the park and find each other all over again. And the Dirty Train Rolls ...
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