Mark Peters
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 52

350 Things You May Not Know About The Philadelphia Phillies is a great little book aimed at bringing lots of trivia, fun facts, and little known info right to the Philadelphia Phillies fan. With sections titled Phillies Team Facts, Phillies Firsts, and Five Fun Facts About Ten Phillies Managers, there are some excellent chances here to find out something you may not know.There is also a section titled Five Fun Facts About 40 Great Phillies Players that includes great information about a wide selection of current and former Phillies greats including Bobby Abreau, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Bob Boone, Steve Carlton, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, John Kruk, Bake McBride, Mickey Morandini, Mike Schmidt, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, and more.Use the info here to organize a quiz for your next Phillies gathering, impress your friends, show up your siblings, or even win a bet or two.Find out ...
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