Janet Sierzant
ASIN: B0076KE17U
Publisher: La Maison Publishing, Inc.
Pages: 264

Searching for a simple life, Amanda Marcella marries Richard, a hometown boy, who has just returned from Vietnam and they move to a small town outside of Atlanta. Sheltered within her marriage, she escapes the pressures of society. However, the outside world has a way of creeping in. Shortly after the fall of the Twin Towers, her marriage falls apart, too. Amanda makes the difficult decision to leave. With a new job and apartment, in Florida, she tries to rebuild her life. Suddenly, she can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching. Thrust into a world of jealous, revenge and obsession, Amanda wakes up in a small, strange room. Scared and confused, the last thing she could remember is going to her car in the underground parking lot at work. Who has taken her and why? A real page turner! Searching for the Shire is a good read with an unusual plot. Daren Lamb “For Poorer or Richer, ...
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4.5 stars from 6 ratings
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