David doc Robertson
Publisher: David Robertson
Pages: 69

WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN THE 1980s? WEREN'T AROUND? Then see what it was like in this continuing series starting with WAYLAND HIGH, THE BEGINNING by David doc Robertson We're just getting started in this 18-part series that will cover the lives of these characters over two years. By the time it ends, they will feel like family. Here's where we left off in Wayland High the Beginning. Early the next morning discovers Horace Bornoski's car on school grounds. What has he done? John and Sydney fight the sudden demise of their summer-long relationship. It remains to be seen whether their feelings are too strong to resist the truth. The Next Day brings revelations to several characters who learn about their strengths and weaknesses though not without some pain of the heart. Students and teachers move into a future in which we already know the results, at least for ourselves. Follow ...
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