Kristie Dean
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 104

Do you feel like you are stuck? Trapped in a dead-end existence? Many years ago, I was there too. I had no direction in my life, felt trapped in my job, and was just unhappy. Today, I'm a published author, seminar speaker, and happily married woman. I learned how to change my internal hard drive and reformat it. This book will show you how to simply and easily change your life. What are you waiting for? Praise for Reformat Your Life: I've lost count of how many 'self help' books have passed from bookshop to dustbin through my house with only the briefest of stays in my bookcase. Reformat Your Life however is already very different! It arrived in my inbox at exactly the right time and - glancing through it before beginning - I was amazed that the first thing which caught my eye was something which I often say to people myself (but have never applied to my own stuations): when something ...
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