John Osipowicz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 320

Urn Your Death-------------------------Mystery Novel--------------------389 pages Millard Whitney, former Philly cop and now successful private detective is feeling on top of the world. He has just solved his first case, the sun is shining, and a pretty girl has walked into his office. What more could be finer! But in the next second, the woman assaults him and walks out. It couldn’t be something that Millard said because he didn’t say anything. Also he had never seen the lady before. Millard is still puzzling over this strange incident when, on his way to his favorite donut shop, the woman sees him and attacks him again. Millard is becoming a little peeved at getting slapped around, so he questions the lady. It’s all about Millard’s sister whom he’s drifted away from the last ten years. Helen has died—maybe it was an accident; maybe not. The ...
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