Lee Fullbright
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 382

2012 DISCOVERY AWARD WINNER, FIRST PLACE, LITERARY FICTIONSAN DIEGO BOOK AWARD, "BEST MYSTERY"2012 GEISEL AWARD FOR "BEST OF THE BEST," SAN DIEGO BOOK AWARDS 2013 READERS' FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS GOLD MEDAL, "HISTORICAL MYSTERY"KIRKUS CRITICS' PICKMore from Kirkus Reviews: "Raised in a crumbling New England mansion by four women with personalities as split as a cracked mirror, young Francis Grayson has an obsessive need to fix them all. There's his mother, distant and beautiful Magdalene; his disfigured, suffocating Aunt Stella; his odious grandmother; and the bane of his existence, his abusive and delusional Aunt Lothian. For years, Francis plays a tricky game of duck and cover with the women, turning to music to stay sane. He finds a friend and mentor in Aidan Madsen, schoolmaster, local Revolutionary War historian, musician and keeper of the Grayson women's darkest ...
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4 stars from 472 ratings
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3.5 stars from 6 ratings