Aaron Seager
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Are you Smoked Salmon lover like me? If so, you'll truly enjoy making a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes well beyond traditional lox & bagels. From appetizers to main dishes to savory desserts. 47 Smoked Salmon Recipes for Every Occasion will bring a multitude of new ideas and recipes you never knew you can do with Smoked Salmon.In addition to the delicious recipes, we provide you a guide to smoke your own salmon at home. Even if you're a novice at smoking, my recipes are easy enough for you to feel comfortable handling the fish safely and creating great dishes with it. You'll also learn about the rich history and traditions of Smoking Salmon, the difference between hot smoking and cold smoking, the process for commercial smoking, and ways that salmon lovers can smoke salmon at home. Now's the time to get creative and try these delicious Smoked Salmon recipes. Enjoy!
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