Robert Holland
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Pages: 104

Comparing the Chosen Fast with the Traditional Fast and the Daniel Fast and relating them to prayer, Robert Holland’s second book is a masterwork that explores some of the false assumptions about fasting. The Chosen Fast, specifically, can be spiritually understood as wisdom in its highest form, causing us to not only know what Jesus wants of us but also causes us to lovingly obey Him, follow Him in our daily lives, and live in the kingdom of heaven until it comes in its fullness. Holland’s thorough and enlightening examination of fasting covers these illuminating topics: Old and New Testament Fasts including Public Fasts, Individual Fasts, and Forty Day Fasts; the Traditional Fast (weekly); the Daniel Fast (both 24/7/365 and twenty-one days); the Chosen Fast (24/7/365); the Chosen Fast and Prayer, and the Chosen Fast and Matthew 25. Transforming prayer to a 24/7/365 paradigm, the ...
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