Barbara Witek
ASIN: B007KF029C
Publisher: The Story Vault
Pages: 87

BET ON LOVE (a short story)What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...until she meets the family.Broken-hearted sports agent, Shelby Greene, heads to the bright lights of Las Vegas to attend the wedding of a college roommate hoping to ease the pain left behind by a cheating ex-fiancé. The myth of catching the bridal bouquet takes on a whole new meaning when Shelby wakes up in bed with her old school obsession – Cole Martin. Only they didn’t just sleep together, they got married, adding to her belief that men are nothing but trouble. He agrees to enlist a mutual friend to help them out of their situation, but she has to return home with him. Trouble or not, a home with Cole is everything Shelby has always dreamed of. Is love worth betting on this time around?
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 26 ratings Rating:
4 stars from 3 ratings
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