Mike Wech
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 271

SEVEN-X is a bone-chilling exploration into the root of evil within us.Freelance Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner, Annette Dobson, known as "The SIDS Killer." Pregnant at the time of her execution, Eddie adamantly believes it was staged and Dobson was secretly shipped to a Behavioral Health Center in a remote location outside the small town of Dell City, Texas. With the opportunity to break the story, Eddie voluntarily commits himself into the asylum. His journals, video diary and recordings leave a trail of breadcrumbs into a series of radical experimental procedures conducted on patients without their consent. With proof that this vicious serial killer is alive, records of her forced exorcism and the impending birth of the child the world believes is dead, Eddie has the big story that will redeem his life and career.But as Eddie dives ...
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4 stars from 269 ratings
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5 stars from 2 ratings