Kate Wilson
Publisher: Miaplacidus Multimedia Publishing
Pages: 11

Martha is on a trip to visit aunt Sylvie. Monty - her favourite furry, squidgy duck - has gone along too. The city where Sylvie lives is full of old buildings and beautiful gardens, and everyone enjoys having a picnic on the lawn. But Martha gets bored just sitting in the sunshine, until her brother Danny has an idea... This is the fourth of the "Monty" books by Kate Wilson, a series of illustrated short stories ideal for reading to very young children (aged 3 - 5), and for independent readers up to around 7 or so. For more on the "Monty" series of picture e-books (including video trailers), visit the website of Miaplacidus Multimedia Publishing - www.miaplacidus.co.uk. ...
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5 stars from 2 ratings
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