M.H. Van Keuren
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 360

When Martin discovers that aliens are really among us, he’s not as shocked as you might think. After all, as a traveling salesman, he’s spent more than enough hours on the road listening to late-night talk radio to know about these things. The odd thing is that these aliens are coming to tiny Brixton, Montana…to eat at the truck stop.Martin, too, has been coming to Brixton for years. It’s a convenient crossroads town, but the real draw is Cheryl, the housekeeper who sets out the breakfast at the local motel. Martin has just about worked up the courage to ask her out when she disappears.When Martin begins to ask questions, what he uncovers about Cheryl’s family and Brixton’s history is far weirder than anything he’s ever heard on the radio. Especially if it’s true that Cheryl’s salvation lies in discovering a long-lost secret recipe for rhubarb pie—which might just be ...
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4.5 stars from 91 ratings
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