Liz MacGregor
ASIN: B007S285CS
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Pages: 33

There can be few homes that don't have a can of baked beans sitting on the pantry shelf - after all it's been a staple food for many years and always popular, especially with children. Canned beans are not only cheap to buy, they are one of the few convenience foods that actually provide good nutrition. They are almost fat free, full of fiber, low GI and high in protein.However, if you are stuck in a rut of just serving baked beans on toast, here's a book that brings new life to the humble baked bean with recipes that transform them into delicious meals. They are all quick and easy to make, and very budget-friendly.The book consists of the following recipes:Take-it-easy Sunday BrunchThe Ultimate Breakfast PieBaked Bean and Cottage Cheese BitesBaked Bean DipBaked Bean MuffinsBaked Bean ScrollsBaked Bean Soup With Cheesy WedgesBaked Beans in Crispy Bread CasesBean and Spinach ...
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