Michael Powell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 370

A collection of photos, advice and anecdotes from Palermo, Italy, capital of the unforgettable Mediterranean island of Sicily. Mike and Jürgen are travelers who spend 91 days in various places around the world, capturing the history, culture and way of life of their temporary homes. With the enthusiasm of newcomers, they explore Palermo and the surrounding area, building a complete picture of it over the course of three months.Filled with information about incredible Sicilian food, unmissable sights, great day trips near Palermo and further field, practical advice, and humorous stories, this e-book covers the most important sights in the city, and some unexpected treasures unknown even to many locals. For 91 Days in Palermo is not a traditional guidebook, but an impartial and colorful account of three months spent in this lovely, hectic city. Come and slowly discover this jewel of the ...
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