GX Knight
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

The first Cyborg will discover what he’s truly made of during a war that would see him turned into the evil he vows to fight when magic and technology collide and cut away at him in ways that are not just skin deep, it’s Metal Deep.Scion Thantosa is the heir of ancient protectors called Infinites. He’ll choose his path in a fight that has endangered Human and Amalgams races: Rippers, Iclings, Spiritans, Robomancers, and Technopires to name a few. He is armed with a mean swing from shiny new Cyborg arms, destructive magic granted by ever-glowing Dragonstones, ill-timed smack talk, and an awesome green hairdo given by the two hottest Elves this side of the North Pole. Along the way, familial bonds form with the friends he makes during forays of hijinks, drama, humor, love, and loss. Scion and his seven closest friends become the New Infinites, the last line of defense against groups ...
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