J.A. Templeton, Julia Templeton
ASIN: B007XJ6K14
Publisher: Julia Templeton
Pages: 210

Psychic? Check.Haunted by a malevolent spirit who is making life a living hell? Check. In love with a smoking hot Scot, who is the reincarnation of the man creepy malevolent ghost murdered two centuries before? Check.Friends and family think you’re losing your mind? Check.Welcome to the life of sixteen-year-old Riley Williams, whose life hasn’t been the same since she moved to Scotland and met the spirit of Ian MacKinnon, and Laria, the witch who murdered him. Since helping Ian cross over to the other side, Riley became Laria’s target, and now the witch has made it clear she wants her dead. Laria has already possessed Riley’s brother and friends, and Riley is starting to feel a little strange herself. She just hopes that she can stop Laria before the ghost takes everything from her. With her boyfriend Kade, her brother, and her buddies by her side, Riley is in for the fight of ...
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5 stars from 226 ratings
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4.5 stars from 6 ratings