Julie Smith
Publisher: booksBnimble
Pages: 372

The SECOND book in the Edgar Award-winning Skip Langdon mystery series "A multilayered masterpiece " -Andrew Vachss“Gritty, witty, & mesmerizing! Langdon is a splendid female heroine.” –People MagazineWHAT’S THE PERFECT KILLING FIELD FOR A MURDERER?A place where he (or maybe she) can learn your secrets from your own mouth and then make friends over coffee. A supposedly "safe" place where anonymity is the norm. The horror who calls himself The Axeman has figured it out and claimed his territory—he's cherry-picking his murder victims in the 12-Step programs of New Orleans.And he's had the gall to name himself after a historical serial killer. He just needs to go down, and fast, because this is New Aw'lins, dawlin'—half the town is either alcoholic or co-dependent!Who better to take him out than tall, funny, social-misfit Skip Langdon, now a homicide detective on the Axeman ...
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4 stars from 578 ratings
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4 stars from 3 ratings