Chuck Driskell
ASIN: B0082D9D5K
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 299

Two men. Spies. An American. A German.The year is 1942. The world is at war.In New York City, the German spy is following Nazi orders, climbing the corporate ladder. He has it all. A loving wife. A good job. A tidy house on Long Island. Everything is perfect. Until one night when his wife discovers his shocking secret. In Germany, one of the U.S. Army’s deadliest commandos parachutes to earth. His mission: wreak havoc from behind enemy lines. But something goes terribly wrong during his jump, leaving him with a lethal injury and a crucial choice. It’s kill or be discovered. He makes the ruthless decision, killing two innocents without hesitation, knowing he’ll never be the same again.Two years later, sufficiently chastened, the two men independently claw their way back to relevance. Through meticulous analysis, the American learns of the German’s existence. ...
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