Thomas Middleton
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Thomas Middleton (1580-1627), a bricklayer's son, rose to become one of the most eminent playwrights of the Jacobean period. Along with Ben Johnson he helped shape the dynamic course of drama in Renaissance England. His range is broad, as his work successfully covers comedy, tragedy, and history. Praised during his life as well as today, Middleton remains relevant and influential. This edition collects five of his most treasured dramas, demonstrating the breadth of his abilities. "A Trick to Catch the Old One" (1608) and "A Chaste Maid in Cheapside" (1630) are both delightful comedies of greed and lust. "Women Beware Women" (1637) and "The Revenger's Tragedy" (1607) are both deft tales of the pitfalls of vice, wealth, and sex. Lastly, "The Changeling" (1653) is Middleton's most refined and respected tragedy. It has experienced consistent success both upon its initial release and in ...
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