Mike Dixon
Publisher: RaceData publications
Pages: 69

Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth: It is the end of June 2017 and yesterday I won over £800 with two bets , each costing the princely sum of £1.55 ( Lucky 31 at 5p per unit.) It was a good anniversary but not quite as good as just over one year ago, June 2016, when I won over £14,000 on a 5p each way Lucky 15. Do I have such wins every day? Of course not, but I do have regular success, if not always so spectacular. I bet every day now that I am retired and I bet only on horses. And at decent prices. This was written as food for thought for those who want something different from the form based books that proliferate. It was written as a sincere attempt to help punters find value bets and to make money from racing.It was not, I stress, written to make me bucketloads of cash.( What at the price of this book??) So, in a sense, this book is a gift to those who want a different ...
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