Oleg Medvedkov
ASIN: B00856387I
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 34

Imagine yourself reading humorous stories by Mark Twain, Jerome K. Jerome, Ambrose Bierce, or O. Henry. Or watching Blackadder and Dick Van Dyke make funny jokes. Well, this is not it, exactly. However, this is as close as it gets for a modern humor book.Here you'll find a collection of funny stories. While designed to be the funniest book for years to come, this turned out to be merely hilarious, with a few funny jokes and humorous punchlines. The humor in this book comes from the dialog and interaction between characters and is based on the following idea:★WHEN YOU EXCLUDE ANYTHING THAT IS IMPROBABLE, WHATEVER IS LEFT, IS NOT AS HILARIOUS.★What this is not: intellectual humor, political satire, or a humorous book that makes you think. This is simply a "laugh out loud" entertainment, as silly as it gets. If and when you have a few minutes to kill and need a laugh, that's when ...
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