D E Austin
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 355

Set in antiquity, the Biblical ‘Ur' of the Chaldees, a reluctant king coping with the amorous attention of wives, concubines, daughters, temple mistresses, etc. etc.. Areshen of Isin (loosely based on the historical Ishbi-Erra of Isin) would rather maintain the facade that he is nothing more than the lowly and insignificant military governor of a provincial city in the north of Sumer. It gradually becomes apparent to all, however, that the king of Ur has become little more than a figurehead, Areshen of Isin, as much he might regret it, wielding the actual power. Finally recognized as “a god” himself, Areshen must then contend with the multitudinous pantheon of Sumerian deities and their entrenched priesthood for which he feels very little respect. “The patron gods of my childhood farm,” he explains to his subordinates, “were nothing but a constant nuisance - feed them ...
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