Derek Washington
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 281

A captivating page-turner that's equal parts thriller and horror story, Derek Washington's novel SATAN'S RAPPER takes readers to the dark side of the hip hop industry. Upcoming New York rapper Sykik is the hot new MC on the rap game's most feared and respected record label: ENO Live Records (that's "evil one" spelled backwards, for all the bad boys in the hip hop business). Riding high on the success of a self-produced mixtape, Sykik is on the fast track to riches and finer things - and not just because of his lyrical skills. Behind the scenes, his rise to fame is aided by violent rituals, black magic and an evil conspiracy that has held a tight, cold grip on the hip hop industry for decades. With help from the dark side, Sykik and his cohorts cook up a devilish debut album that has listeners hypnotized - and soon the money starts piling up. Sykik started on the bottom - now he's ...
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