Madhu Chittarvu
ASIN: B0086GQ0D6
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Pages: 189

A story set in the future ...Fourth Millennium and a sequel to "War For Mars" Hani Amrapali returned to Earth after his sojourn in Mars,where he went in search of a beautiful girl of his dreams Sayoni.There he was disillusioned and imprisoned by the Wizard Emperor Samura of Red Plains in Mars.He was forced by Samura to lead in a mission to fetch the Potion of Immortality from Mt.Olympus and partook in the war between Mars' Human Colony and The Wizards of Red Plains.He was trained in the use of Force by the wizards and discovered that he had special powers to use force like the wizards.But he was hunted too by the Human colony who do not like the wizards.Hani made Samura the evil wizard Emperor lose all his powers and thus lose his evil Empire thwarting his plans to conquer the Galaxy. He arranged a truce between Mars' Humans and Wizards and installed his friend Meros as Emperor ...
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