Steve Johnson
Publisher: Johnson Publishing
Pages: 37

"Psychic Harmony - Change Your Mind & Change Your Future!" details how you can achieve psychic harmony through autosuggestion to gain better health, find greater success, and enjoy your life to the utmost. This book takes you through the journey of how autosuggestion can help open up new opportunities and happiness and contentment in life.Within the pages of this book you learn:-- how words have powerful effects-- how conversations within your own mind will help or hurt you-- how you can practice succeeding long before you even try your hand at the challenges facing you-- simple mental tricks to turn mountains into molehills.Your part then will be to read, absorb, analyze, and take action. If you want to make any change in your life, keep at it. Don't give up. Have an unshakable faith in your own greatness. Be thankful in every little thing you have, for if you can't be thankful ...
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