Sergey Matyushkov
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 91

The book brought to notice of readers is dedicated to idiosyncratic mystic knowledge, the ancient Toltec tradition that became approachable owing to a writer of genius and anthropologist Carlos Arana Castaneda. From reading of his books we came to our knowledge, that: Don Juan Matus became Castaneda's spiritual advisor and for twelve years had imparted his mentee the secret knowledge of his magic school. Carlos Castaneda's teaching is a very practical one and in days to come leads an alphabetarian to independent “spiritual contemplation” of any physical object or phenomenon. Carlos Castaneda explained, - when you see fields of energy, human beings look like luminous fibers similar to a "luminant egg". In order to learn the practice of scanning of energy individually, it is necessary to walk the certain lines and cumulate special attention. Carlos Castaneda called this attention ...
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