C.S. Slaton
ASIN: B008BCS790
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 239

Sunday morning, 3:22, Sheriff Deputies Marty Doyle and Nick Reyes are pulled out of their comfortable routine by a suspicious vehicle complaint. Called to the address of a little wooden farmhouse familiar to them for its tragic past, the two deputies arrive in fear for the single mother and her child, knowing the ex-husband, Dani’s father, has recently been released from prison. Confirming their worst fears, they find eight-year old Dani Sykes missing from her home and her mother unconscious on the floor.First book in the Rayland County series.The clock is ticking. With the passing of each second, the odds of getting little Dani back safely lessen. The local law enforcement community, though for the most part well meaning, are ill prepared to handle the situation. Right from the start, the attempt to apprehend the main suspect results in a deadly high-speed chase, wasting time and ...
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