Jackie Williams
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 266

Being asked to wait for three years by the love of your life should be easy, but if you haven't been asked then what do you do?Even while still at high school Carrie has begun a brilliant and exciting dancing career, but along with petty bullying and outright abuse from jealous friends, as well as another two years of college studies, her bright future means an impossibly long separation from the only man she will ever love.Eighteen year old Daniel has walked to school with Carrie for as long as he can remember, but now he is living the dream after winning a sports scholarship in America. He will be gone for three long years. With his home life in tatters he assumed leaving everything behind would be easy but he suddenly realizes that it's going to be far more difficult than he thought.With Carrie dancing her way around Europe for a leading pop star and Daniel taking the American ...
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