Florence St. John
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 454

Entangled: With a Sociopath, by Florence St. John is a non-fiction book that explores the psychology of a sociopath and one woman's journey through abuse and manipulation in an unhealthy relationship. Florence has given her heart, her money, and her life to Daniel, the man who swept her off her feet and convinced her to float away with him and leave their problems behind. Everyone had warned her about investing $10,000 in a boat, but Daniel had sweet-talked her into buying into the idea. What looked like a beautiful dream soon becomes a terrible nightmare. Florence no longer has control of her life. The high school friend who contacted her, the man whose charm won over her heart, is actually a sociopath. This is a personal journey with a sociopath--the author exposes the many tricks of a conman who uses women for their money under the guise of love. Florence experiences love-bombing ...
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