Richard Bowker
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
Pages: 288

Valentina is the most dangerous woman in the world. A powerful psychic, she's used to turn loyal American operatives into KGB double agents. But, Valentina has one weakness—her infatuation with Daniel Fulton, the brilliant, enigmatic American pianist. Valentina hopes her love for Fulton will free her from the KGB. Instead, she's trapped into using her powers one final time. Success will change history. Failure will doom the only person she loves... at the Summit THE PSYCHIC THRILLER SERIES, in recommended order Summit Marlborough Street OTHER TITLES by Richard Bowker Senator Pontiff SCIENCE FICTION TITLES by Richard Bowker Replica Forbidden Sanctuary The Portal (An Alternative History Novel) Dover Beach (The Last P.I. Series, Book 1) The Distance Beacons (The Last P.I. Series, Book 2) ABOUT RICHARD BOWKER: Critically-acclaimed author Richard Bowker has published a variety of nov ...
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