Diana Metz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

“I can always tell when the Magic is present in a human: a glowing about the head, rather like the glow of the embers in your fire. I ate someone with Magic once, and had gas for months.” The dragon chuckled, at least Talon hoped that was a chuckle.Dragons, Wizards, and magical rings. This was not at all what Talon had in mind when he accepted an errand from a strange old man. Now an evil Wizard is after him, he's living in a cave, and a Dragon Queen has mysterious plans for his future. Can Talon accept his fate and become a powerful Wizard? Would Dragons ever again think of humans as anything more than an easy meal?Talon is a fantasy adventure story for readers of all ages. It was written for a younger audience, but it is enjoyable for adults as well. This is a fun romp through a world of magic and dragons who aren’t flying flamethrowers but intelligent and humorous creatures.
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4.5 stars from 39 ratings
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