Dennis Butler
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 106

In the year 2125, the crew of the Viaggio, a ship powered by a magnetic piston system, search for the source of an intelligent, narrow-bandwidth radio signal that came from somewhere deep inside the Butterfly Nebula.In the not too distant future, ten year old Kevin Finley (Fin) receives a narrow-bandwidth radio signal on his home holo-system from deep space. Before long, Fin becomes an international celebrity, appearing on talk shows and late night holographic programming. Fifteen years later Fin is about to embark on a deep space mission to find the source of the signal. The crew of the Viaggio doesn’t know it yet, but they are on their way to making the greatest discovery in human history. Just when they thought there could be no greater knowledge to return home to earth with than proof of extraterrestrial life, they make yet another discovery that may be even more spectacular.But ...
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