Jan Vivian
Publisher: Jan Vivian Books
Pages: 168

Even in the unlikeliest of circumstances people recognise something wonderful in another person and may seek to discover all that there is to know about them. In this collection of stories the author has sought to convey the different meanings that the title may have aroused in the reader. In Starting Over, can a woman really believe in the interest of a man whom she recognises but hasn’t seen for many years? She has recently been released from prison and seeks only to pick up the pieces of her life and to start a process of reconciliation with her daughter. The man she meets on a train journey is an artist; he has been widowed and he too is starting over with his life. A gifted business-woman is unprepared to for the knock on her door a year after the birth of a child that she desperately wanted but without any ties to a partner. The caller is a man whom she met at a conference; he ...
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