Amy Brunner
ASIN: B008R08Y4O
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 68

Carrie Parker can’t stay in her loveless marriage anymore. She makes the decision to leave her husband of 14 years and start over. Moving with her dog to Manhattan she begins to settle in to a new life. She’s busy going through the motions of everyday living when an old friend suddenly shows up at her door.Will O’Brien has everything; the dream job, the trophy wife, and the mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. But when his wife Avery drops the bombshell of a lifetime on him and ends their 12 year marriage, he’s left feeling blindsided and out of control.He seeks out an old friend. Someone who has seen him through hard times before. He knows he can count on her. What he doesn’t count on is her falling in love with him. Can he walk away from her, or has he fallen for her too?
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