Stacey Coverstone
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 216

Book 1 of The Spirited Western Women Series(Formerly Published as Outlaw Trail)Although this is the first in a series of three Historical Western Romance novels, the book can be read as a stand alone.At nineteen, Josie Hart has lived a hard and lonely life on her New Mexican farm. A cryptic map from her father gives her a chance to change all that and guides her on a perilous journey toward freedom and a fresh start. But there are others who want what she's after and will stop at nothing to get it.Grey Paladin seeks justice after having had his fortune stolen from him by Leroy Hart. He'll do whatever it takes to retrieve what's rightfully his and reunite with the only family he has left. That is, until a feisty girl stands in his way and makes his life more complicated.When Josie and Grey form an uncertain partnership, they must battle outlaws, nature, and each other while riding ...
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