Charlton Best
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Pages: 160

Why Buy This Set?The best-ever male athletes of recent years often lead colorful lives, and the three athletes featured in this set hold their own in different fields with aplomb. This set gives you the opportunity to find out more about them in one package!What’s Inside?Book 1: David BeckhamChapter 1: Groomed for footballChapter 2: The start of something extraordinaryChapter 3: Posh and BecksChapter 4: And the gods of football both frowned and smiledChapter 5: From Manchester to MadridChapter 6: From Madrid To L.A. (The Grand Welcome)Chapter 7: The Beckham GalaxyChapter 8: There and back againChapter 9: Still kicking… even off the pitchBook 2: Michael JordanChapter 1 – Once Upon a Time in WilmingtonChapter 2 – Tar Heel JordanChapter 3 – Growing HornsChapter 4 – The Charge of the Chicago BullsChapter 5 – The Air Up ThereChapter 6 – Jordan on the MoundChapter 7 – His ...
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