Michaelene McElroy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 268

2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards Gold Medal for Religious Fiction; 2013 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Award for Women's Fiction. Amazon Bestseller - Literary FictionNick Bantock, Renowned Author/Artist - Griffin and Sabine Trilogy says, "The Last Supper Catering Company is beautifully crafted, a throwback to a style half-forgotten yet sorely missed." The Last Supper Catering Company is the heartwarming and humorous story of B. Thankful Childe-Lucknow. Turned out with red corkscrew hair, one eye brown, the other green, and gifted with the power to hear the voices of the departed, B. Thankful is cast aside by the town and lives an isolated upbringing in the woods with Little G, Big G, and Tyler Lucknow. Tragedy, followed by the discovery of a long-forgotten paint-by-number picture of the Last Supper, thrusts B. Thankful from the safety of everything she has ever ...
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