Raunak Mahajan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 12

This book is a handy guide to moving a step closer to a Life of Bliss or Nirvana in ways that you can adopt while continuing to live in the surroundings that you are accustomed to, and with people who you care for. It is the answer to crossroads that you find yourself at when faced with tough choices in everyday life.Nirvana has been a primeval quest of human kind. In this journey several names have been assigned to this ultimate goal; Moksha, eternal bliss, transcendence, and enlightenment among others, all referring to the same condition of everlasting joy that humankind is striving for. Great thinkers have spent thousands of hours and tremendous amount of brainpower seeking this elusive state of being. Yet, the common man is no closer to Nirvana than he was since the beginning of spiritual exploration.I have come across many people, both friends and strangers who have mentioned that ...
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