Jessica Manuszak
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 141

Penelope Walsch never wanted to be a hero. Between her cheating ex-boyfriend and crazy parents, she has plenty to keep her occupied. But when her broken heart lands her in the small town of Bridgeport, Connecticut, (and in the room with a multimillionaire that she sort-of-almost murders) the life that she's known gets turned on its head. Suddenly, the quiet new home she so desperately sought is filled to the brim with one mangy mutt, an absurdly large drug ring, two hunky men, and enough excitement to shake a stick at. Despite the new-found chaos surrounding her, Penny knows one thing for certain: she needs to put an end to the fishy business in Bridgeport before the people in charge put an end to her first.
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4.5 stars from 23 ratings Rating:
5 stars from 2 ratings
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