Timothy Aldred
ASIN: B0091GIT16
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Pages: 62

The Explosive Tell-All!In October of 2006, Timothy Aldred's daughter, author Millenia Black, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against New York publishing giant, Penguin Group, U.S.A. After two years, Penguin Group settled the case with his daughter out of court, and she is prohibited from ever discussing the details of the case again.Inside you will learn:Exactly what transpired prior to the settlement of the lawsuitWhy the case was settled out of court.The role of Oprah Winfrey Show producersThe disparity in advance royalties given to black vs. white authorsThe bombshell publishing insider witness and what she exposed!And much more!Injustices flourish in silence, and the truth about the publishing industry's treatment of certain writers must be spoken until all writers are treated equally. Big publishing companies use their power to keep certain discriminatory practices hidden ...
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